Oxygen Hoods/Tents

Single Patient Use

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Images provided for illustrative purposes only. Manufactured under ISO 13485:2003, previously sold with FDA and CE mark to be used for providing oxygen therapy to newborn babies, this certificate has recently expired. Due to costs of ISO we are no longer manufacturing these products and are no longer on the Current ISO certificates. No longer supplied with medical CE, but may be suitable for other applications such as veterinary.

These Oxygen Hoods consist of flat sheets of transparent vinyl with built in support frames and a drape neck opening.

- See-through environment provides full patient visibility.
- Drape neck opening provides easy access to the patient.
- Single patient use means reduced risk of cross-infection.
- Flat packed for easy storage and transportation.

Single Patient Use Oxygen Hoods
Standard Hood
The standard Oxygen Hood has two 22mm inlet ports, a full vinyl bottom, a drape neck opening and is available in a variety of sizes.
Other style variants of the single patient use oxygen hoods are also available, including partial bottom, no-bottom variants, NICU, low birth weight tenthouses...

L x W x H

Standard with
bottom panel
Partial bottom panel No bottom panel NICU  
178 x 178 x 127
178 x 178 x 178
216 x 216 x 216
254 x 254 x 203
254 x 254 x 254
305 x 305 x 254
305 x 305 x 305
457 x 457 x 457
610 x 610 x 610

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